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Accordion Shutters

About Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Strong Protection When You Need It 

Accordion shutters are permanently installed and offer storm readiness in just minutes. Ideal for windows and doors, also optimal for securing patios and enclosing balconies or terraces. Accordion shutters can be installed with curved tracks, allowing us to follow the contour of a balcony or patio, keeping valuable patio space available. Accordion shutters can lock from the inside or outside of your home, offering ease of use in multistory residences or condominiums.

How Do Accordion Shutters Work?

The Accordion Shutter consists of aluminum interlocking blades with wheel supports at the top that slide on a horizontal track.  They are operated by pulling each curtain of blades towards the center of the window and latching the curtains together by use of a locking mechanism.  The lock is re-enforced with what are called locking rods, usually two 1/2 inch aluminum rods that are locked into place by tightening screw knobs.

Expertise You Can Trust

Red Oaks Shutter is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have over 30 years of experience with outdoor hurricane shutters. We only use the highest quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts available. Our accordion shutters are Dade County approved, Florida Building Code approved, Texas Department of Insurance, and International Building Code approved. Dade county Product Approval Reference NOA#17-0829.11.

Available Colors:

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