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Rolling Shutters

About Rolling Shutters: Manual or Electric

Convenience is Key

Roll-Down / Roll-Up Shutters are the most convenient shutter to use in storm protection for any home or business. Roll-Up Shutters can blend in with your buildings architecture and can become invisible. When building a new home, they can be incorporated into the structure so they will only be visible when lowered. Our product is Florida Building Code approved for Non-High Velocity and High Velocity Hurricane Zones (Dade and Broward counties). This high performing shutter fits many applications and retracts out of the way with the push of a button and/or a manual crank. Roll Down Shutters can cover a variety of openings: standard windows and doors, enclosing patios and balconies, security for store front windows and doors.

How Do Rolling Shutters Work?

The Rolling/Roll Down Shutter has slats made from extruded aluminum that forms a curtain, which rolls up into an enclosed box.  On either side of the window is a permanently mounted track system that holds these slats in place, while they are being raised or lowered.  The better quality systems use what is called an end retention system.  This end retention system locks the end of the slats in the track and does a better job of preventing the slated from being sucked out during a hurricane.

Motorized Options & Technology

Rolling shutters can be manual or motorized and operated from a switch or remote control, manual overrides are also available on motorized shutters. Key switches and digital key pads are available. The new Somfy TaHoma system is now available and will allow you to operate your rolling shutters from your computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Expertise You Can Trust

Red Oaks uses the highest quality European motors and components for our rolling shutters. Red Oaks has partnered with Somfy motor systems for over 20 years. Red Oaks Shutter is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have over 30 years of experience with outdoor hurricane shutters. Our rolling shutters are Florida Building Code approved for Non-High Velocity and High Velocity Hurricane Zones (Dade and Broward Counties).

Available Colors:

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