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In south Florida, residents have to worry about protecting property from south Florida’s climate extremes.

Heat, humidity, salt air, rain and intense storms can take a toll on property. And when it comes to hurricane protection you need to make sure that your property is ready to perform. That’s why we offer our bi-yearly maintenance for your accordion storm shutters. The last thing you want to do is deal with jammed or rusted storm shutter joints when a storm is heading this way.

Lube & Maintenance

Accordion Shutter Maintenance

To best protect your accordion shutter investment and keep them in working order, we recommend bi-yearly lubrication & maintenance.

Our lubrication & maintenance service consists of:


  • Lubricating the wheels which are located in the top tracks

  • Lubricating the locking rods to ensure they move freely up and down.

  • Re-waxing the thumb screws on the locking rods

  • Lubricating the shutter blades & locks.

  • Checking the shutter operation to make sure they are working properly and check to see if any repairs are needed.

  • Check the tracks to make sure they are free and clear of any debris


For those who are seasonal residents, this service can still be completed as long as we can get access through the condominium or through a neighbor. Red Oaks Shutter can also come out and lube and close your shutters for you before you leave and lube and open your shutters upon your arrival.

Shutter Repairs 

Accordion Shutter Repairs

Red Oaks shutters professional service department is trained to inspect and inform our customers whether their shutters are in condition to be repaired instead of replaced or rebuilt, which can be a major savings, especially those who are close to the ocean and have excess salt build up.

Our main repairs consist of replacement parts of screws, nylons, wheels, locking rods and all different types of locking mechanisms for Accordion shutters.  As for Roll shutters, we can provide hangar strap, motor, slat and whole curtain replacements.  All of our replacement hardware consists of stainless steel to prevent rusting.     

Our trained servicemen can carefully remove your shutters and make repairs on site. With over 25 years in shutter experience, there hasn't been very much we could not fix as long as the shutters are inside their useful life. 

Accordion Shutter


Accordion Shutter Refurbishments

When accordion shutters are neglected for any period of time, particularly when expose to oceanfront environments, they age rather quickly. Locking rods can become stuck, locks can seize up, making them unusable. Red Oaks offers a refurbishment program where the shutters are removed from the building and brought back to our shop. At our state of the art facility, we give the shutters a full inspection and replace any damaged or disabled parts or mechanisms. The shutters are then cleaned thoroughly and the wheels are waxed and all of the components are lubricated so the shutters perform in a much better fashion.

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