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Bahama & Colonial 

  • Adds Architectural Charm

Hurricane protection available
  • Can Be Hurricane Approved

Architecturally attractive shutter
  • Caribbean Style 

About Bahama and Colonial Shutters

How Do Bahama Shutters Work?

The Bahama Shutter is one of the original window protection products to be made.  It is made of fixed horizontal louvers, secured permanently in a frame that is mounted above the window.  Constructed from aluminum, it can be given the appearance of wood.  It is mounted with a hinge at the top and supported by adjustable supports at the bottom.  Wen lowered, it protects from wind, rain, and debris.  When raised, the Bahama Shade still offers shade and privacy, while looking beautiful.

How Do Colonial Shutters Work?

The Colonial Shutter was one of the first window protection products.  It is made of fixed or movable horizontal louvers, assembled in a frame that is mounted to each side of the window.  Some of the fixed louvers are reinforced by the additional slats on the back of the panel.  When covering a wide window, the panels fold on top of each other on each side.  Colonial shutters can be easily locked with either storm bars or clips.

Expertise You Can Trust

Red Oaks Shutter is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have over 30 years of experience with outdoor hurricane shutters.  Our Colonial Shutters are Dade County approved, Florida Building Code approved, Texas Department of Insurance, and International Building Code approved.

Available Colors

Wide Variety of colors both standard and custom.

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